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The Experience API (xAPI) is a standard way to collect data about experiences, online and offline. The power of xAPI is being able to track activities across systems, events, and interactions in a common data format.

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Sarah Mercier and Sean Putman
Sarah Mercier and Sean Putman at the xAPI Cohort Party

Meet the xAPI Experts

You will learn from Sarah Mercier and Sean Putman – leaders in xAPI for over a decade.

We wrote the first books on xAPI.

Investigating Performance: Design and Outcomes with xAPI

“Design for Data: xAPI,” ATD’s 2020 Trends in Learning Technology

xAPI for Interactive eBooks (included in xAPI Basics)

Our xAPI projects are award-winning.

Best of Show at FocusOn Learning for Interactive xAPI eBook using xAPI

Best Performance Support Solution at DevLearn for Creating a Self-Assessment Tool Using cmi5 and xAPI

Frequently Asked Questions

xAPI Basics consists of 6 online modules developed by xAPI experts. Each module is self-paced with guided examples, simulations, short knowledge checks with detailed feedback, and real-world activities. Content will launch directly in your web browser. No headphones required – this is not a video course. See FAQ: “Is this course accessible?”

Yes! We designed xAPI Basics with accessibility from the start. Our goal is to make this course accessible to anyone who wants to learn about xAPI. If you have questions about our accessibility features, contact us.

This is an excellent approach because everyone on your team will have a clear understanding of xAPI and how it’s relevant to their roles. For group licensing or bulk purchasing, contact us.

We use Stripe for secure payment processing. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. For group licensing, bulk purchasing, or other payment requests, contact us.

We designed xAPI Basics for easy translation to other languages. For translation options, contact us.

We respond to requests within 2 business days, although most inquires are resolved the same day. For technical issues or other questions, contact us.

xAPI Basics participants can request to schedule consulting sessions with an xAPI expert at discounted rates. Sessions are optional, but it’s a great way to receive feedback on activities and answers to any remaining xAPI questions. Some participants also choose to take this opportunity to ask more advanced questions. We use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and a good old-fashioned phone call. To schedule a 1-1 session, contact us.

What is xAPI?

The Experience API can describe a wide variety of experiences. It moves us beyond simple web-based models, promotes adaptive design and development, and accelerates integrations with other systems. xAPI can help you inform better business decisions, helping you connect an individual’s activities across multiple applications.
Sean Putman
Learning Technology Strategist, Build Capable
The xAPI is really three things. 1) An API. The “application programming interface (API)” in xAPI is what makes it possible to store and retrieve xAPI data in an interoperable way. 2) A Data Standard. xAPI also specifies a standard format for how its data should be structured. And finally, 3) xAPI is a Technical Specification. It provides a suite of technical documentation for how to use the API.
Jason Haag
Co-Founder at Veracity
The xAPI data protocol offers learning professionals the opportunity to collect more and better data about the programs we create and their effectiveness. It helps us move beyond the narrow (only elearning) and shallow (only a few data points) that we get from SCORM and into a rich variety of data about what happens during and after learning, with the promise of the same global interoperability that SCORM has offered. Of course, with “more, better and richer” data comes a bit more intention and effort about the data we collect. This is both exciting and challenging for learning professionals as we move toward a more data-centric environment.
Megan Torrance
CEO at TorranceLearning
xAPI is a learning technology that makes it possible to capture granular data about your students’ learning experiences. Advantages: 1) Data can be collected from learning experiences that occur outside the LMS. 2) Learning content does not need to reside in a browser, enabling the tracking of data from mobile apps, social learning, gaming and simulations. 3) Learning content can be easily distributed since it does not need to reside on the same web site as your LMS. 4) The xAPI data model can be extended to track exactly the data needed for analysis.
Art Werkenthin
President at RISC, Inc.

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