xAPI Resources For Learning Solutions 2018

Thank you to HT2 Labs for supporting this workshop and presenting this awesome poster presentation outlining their solution for Villeroy & Boch.
Data from both learning and performance systems was tracked using xAPI, including store sales data direct from SAP. V&B had an opportunity to run an A / B split campaign – giving some stores just the online social learning component and others the full ‘blended’ approach.

Events and Learning:


  • Megan Torrance
  • Sean Putman
  • Brian Dusablon
  • Art Werkenthin
  • Duncan Welder
  • Anthony Altieri
  • Janet Laane-Effron
  • Dave Keezel
  • Tim Chudy
  • Nick Stephenson

xAPI Resources:




    • Learning Locker
    • xAPI Apps
    • Watershed LRS
    • Yet Analytics
    • RISC LMS with LRS
    • Grassblade
    • SCORMCloud

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