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Ten Steps to Plan & Communicate Your xAPI Design to a Web Developer

In this article from Craig Wiggins, Peter Berking, and Steve Foreman, they go through a process of you can create your plan and then effectively communicate the plan to a web developer. While not every project requires a web developer, it is good to know how to setup a project and communicate it in case you have a future project that does require it. Read the article here.

Primary Patterns and Models in L&D

In this video by John Delano, he describes a new model for design called the Learning Model Canvas.

Send xAPI Statements from Storyline

In this blog post from Melissa Milloway, she walks you through setting up your first xAPI enable project with Storyline. The blog post consists of a series of videos that demonstrate each step in the process.

Getting Started with xAPI – Four Lines of Code

In this article for Learning Solutions magazine, Anthony Altieri shows you how to write statements from an HTML based xAPI project using 4 lines of code. It is a great article that can get your feet wet with xAPI.

Follow Along With These 3 Getting Started With xAPI Tutorials

Melissa Milloway takes Anthony’s Four Lines of Code a bit further.

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