TK 2019 Workshop Resources

Workshop and Presentation Resources and Links Data Strategy Test Course Breakout Course Verb and Activity Registry Data Strategy/Profile Worksheet Data Map Worksheet Presentations These presentations are in the order that we did them throughout the day. The Uses Cases from that part of the day are found below in the Use Cases section. How to…

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Learn xAPI at DevLearn

If you’re attending DevLearn this week, we recommend the following xAPI sessions: Session 106 – Investigating Performance: Using Your Data Effectively Wednesday 10:45 am in Montego DE In this session, Janet Laane Effron and Sean Putman will cover how to set up a project to collect data, and the things to look for while planning…

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A Simple Approach to Learning

We’re happy to announce Learn xAPI as a resource site for those trying to learn a little more about the Experience API and its uses. We’ve structured a few starter modules for you to learn the ropes, and we’ll introduce new content regularly. Registration is free and sponsored by Learning Ninjas. Enjoy!

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